Lab Furniture

Labofab provides laboratory furniture solution in two different design.





Labofab’s suspended bench system is supported on 16 SWG M. S. rectangular pipes fully carrying the worktop, all under bench cabinets are suspended on the frame, under bench cabinets can be relocated with the help of simple hand tools.

All sides and middle frames are constructed without a vertical front legs to avoid obstruction to the user. Complete cantilever frames are constructed from 50mm x 25 mm rectangular pipes , adjustment feet + 10 mm are provided to match the unevenness of the floor, plastic caps are provided at the end of all open edges of pipes.

All frames & Cabinets are epoxy powder coated as per the standard color combination of Labofab or as per customer’s choice.


Under bench cabinets are supported on G. I. fabricated box, the worktop is directly supported by the under bench cabinets, the system is rigid & changing of cabinets requires dismantling of work tops.

Box frame & all cabinets are constructed from G. I. Sheets, complete units are powder coated as per Labofab’s standard color combination or as per the customer’s color choice.

Work Tops


  • Jet Black Granite of 10 to 20 mm thickness with proper edge finish
  • Imported epoxy resin worktops are provided with continuous drip groove on the under side of the outer exposed edges of worktops, worktop with 100 back splash are provided on demand.