Modular Lab Furniture Manufacturer Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest city in the western Indian state of Gandhinagar. Today it is a bustling metropolis known for manufacturing and textile industry. LABOFAB is one of the best laboratory furniture manufacturers in Ahmedabad produces modular laboratory furniture and fume hoods. The company, LaboFab, believes in perfection in its Products. If you are looking for lab furniture, lab fume hoods, fume/spot extraction systems, Biosafety cabinets or vacuum grease look no further.

Modular furniture is designed to be customizable. With modular sectionals you can change your seating arrangements, lab tables and cabinets to fit in small or unusual spaces. The beauty of modular lab furniture is the versatility of arrangement and design. Color combinations are available and customization is also a plus.

Purchasing and using LABOFAB is modular laboratory furniture gives you the flexibility and ability to design the setup of your lab as it suits you. You can also make changes to your lab with having to involve tearing and down and rebuilding modules. The benefit and features of modular furniture is the personalization and attractive designs, flexibility in shape, construction and size as well as reconfiguring possibilities in height and width. Most modular lab furniture is available as single or double sided. You choose the configuration.

Types of Furniture

Lab furniture includes every modular furniture item you need in a modern lab. From working tables to a chemical storage everything piece of furniture is manufactured to exact standards and specifications.

  • The working table is powder coated with set coatings and colors. These tables can also be customized to meet customer specifications.
  • Instrument tables are C Frame & plinth systems that include cabinets, knee space, and keyboard drawers. These tables are prewired with electrical switch & socket as per requirements. Match the instrument table to the working table.
  • Island tables meet all your needs in the laboratory. They are designed to be working tables from both sides. Place them in the middle of the room and you have incredible working spaces. You can choose the same colors and the working and instrument table for a complete lab.
  • Every lab needs an anti-vibration table to prevent low vibration from affecting performance of lab workings. Anti-vibration rubber pads are provided to keep the tables secure. You can also match these modular tables to the other furniture in the lab.
  • Vertical wall storage units are the perfect modular lab furniture on the market. They are ideal to store documents, small equipment and fuel. You can match them to your other lab furniture. Units have adjustable shelves as well as glass and wood doors.

LaboFab is committed to customer service and design. It is your call how to design your modular lab furniture. A team of experienced professionals will help you establish your lab based on traffic patterns, lab work, equipment, human interfaces and product selection. Designers will produce Auto CAD drawings of possible layouts and plans for your approval.

Service and quality is guaranteed.